4-2-5 Defense – Five Reasons to Use It

4-2-5 Defense – Five Reasons to Use It

4-2-5 Defense – Five Reasons to Use It

Why is the 4-2-5 Defense becoming more popular? It offers versatility, varied fronts, making it hard for the quarterback to get accurate reads. The 4-2-5 Defense also has been proven to be effective against the spread offense. This article will focus on five reasons to consider using the 4 2 5 Defense.

*First Reason*

The ability to keep things simple, the 4-2-5 uses a basic four man front that allows for multiple defensive plays that are difficult for the offense to read. The simplicity of this defense doesn’t depend on a strong Mike linebacker or outside linebackers, instead the 4-2-5 defense relies more on the strong safety, weak safety and two inside linebackers.

* Second Reason*

Relying more on the strong safety, weak safety and two inside linebackers the defense is more versatile and able to adjust to the formations and or motions shown by the offense.

* Third Reason*

Using a five man secondary makes it easier to disguise the defense. With five men in the secondary, the defense can make it appear to have eight to nine men in the box, making it more difficult for the quarterback to get an accurate pre snap read.

*Fourth Reason*

A five man secondary puts more speed on the field. With more and more teams running the spread offense the defense needs to answer with sped and the 4 2 5 defense supplies the needed speed.

*Fifth Reason*

Whether a zone or man to man coverage is called the 4-2-5 can keep the offense off balance. Using the base front, the D can put more men in blitzing position or appear to be blitzing, making it more difficult for the offense read the defense.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of changing defenses, the 4-2-5 brings more speed and versatility to the field and has been effective against the spread.

There are several 4-2-5 coaching videos that can show you why to use the 4 2 5 defense.

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4 Ways Youth Hostels in Barcelona Can Break the Mould

4 Ways Youth Hostels in Barcelona Can Break the Mould

4 Ways Youth Hostels in Barcelona Can Break the Mould

There is an aura inherent to the Spanish city of Barcelona that draws people back again and again, and it is not hard to realise why. The caramel beaches, the lively public squares, the famous food and the incomparable architecture all fuse together to create the city’s rare blend of sophistication and ease.

But if you are tempted to visit more than once, it is important to know how to break the mould and discover new experiences each time you stay in one of the fabulous youth hostels of the city.

Beyond El Barri Gotic’s streets

Returning to your favourite youth hostels in Barcelona may entrench you in experiences that, no matter how delightful, may be repeated. To go beyond this, it pays to step outside the usual touristic haunts. Most budget accommodation draws travellers to the suburb of Gotic (the Gothic quarter) and its surrounds, but explore a little further away, perhaps closer to the heights of Gracia or the pavements of St Marti, and you will immediately experience a different ambience.

Beyond La Barceloneta’s beaches

There is no doubt that many people fall in love with the beach culture of the city. Any of the central youth hostels make an excellent base from which to explore the gorgeous beaches that line the immediate coastline, but there are other gems to be discovered beyond the glitter of La Barceloneta. In fact, a simple train trip can take you to the beaches just south of the city, in areas such as Sitges. They boast an old-world charm and a slower-paced atmosphere that makes a lovely contrast from the more famous beaches.

Beyond Parque Guell’s heights

If you book a youth hostel in the centre of Barcelona for a few days, there are a number of artistic choices you must make! How you will fit in the Sagrada Familia, Parque Guell, the Picasso Museum, and any number of natural and urban delights into a short space of time is a conundrum. If you’re a repeat visitor, however, you should consider exploring the geography and architecture of the city’s outer suburbs and even beyond to places like Montserrat, where you can behold hills, castles and monasteries of great beauty.

Beyond Tapas Tours

If Italy means pizza, then Catalonia means tapas! Tapas bars and tapas tours are on offer everywhere – but if you’re looking for something a little different, it pays to spread your wings and your palate and discover the many other local delicacies you’ll find in less touristy areas. From black paella to unusual local cheeses, there are so many ways to tantalise your taste buds in Barcelona.