Coaching Outside Linebackers

Coaching Outside Linebackers

Coaching Outside Linebackers

The hardest position on the field for most defenses is the Outside Linebacker. In a typical 8-man Front, such as the 3-5-3 or 4-2-5 defenses, these players have dual responsibilities.


The Outside Linebacker is primarily responsible for containing the run, forcing the ball carrier to turn back inside on edge runs. He can also force the ball carrier to bubble and work laterally to the sideline, allowing pursuit to get there to help.

The second responsibility for the OLB is to cover the flats on the pass. Typically, 8-man fronts are going to be running Cover 3 as the base coverage.

Most defensive coordinators use a mixture of Zone and Man coverages. The OLB will normally be locked on the #2 Receiver to his side in Cover 1 or Cover 0, a slot or Tight End. When a player is locked up in man coverage, he cannot be considered a part of the run defense.


The Outside Linebacker’s alignment will depend on your defense and his abilities. Typically, he will be somewhere in the range of 3-5 yards outside of the End Man on the Line of Scrimmage (EMOLS) and 2-5 yards off the Line of Scrimmage (LOS).

If there is a #2 receiver, the OLB commonly uses an apex alignment, 5 yards off the ball and halfway between the EMOLS and the slot. Depending on the team and the ability of the slot, you may choose to align him closer to the slot to deter the pass or tighter to the EMOLS to help on the running game.

Keys and Reaction

The OLB’s primary key is the EMOLS, a Tackle or Tight End, for a High-Hat, Low Hat read. High Hat, meaning the OT’s helmet pops up as in a pass set, tells him the play is pass, and he should open up to the flats (but this will be dictated by coverage call). On a low hat read, when the OT fires out with a flat back, he is assuming run. The OLB should be thinking run unless he gets a definite high hat pass read.

You can help the OLB get his reads by studying the film of the EMOLS he will be reading. Different teams employ different techniques for pass and run blocking.

After getting a low hat read, the OLB checks his secondary key – the running back. He needs to attack the run appropriately by reading the run block and backfield action:

EMOLS hard down block inside, RB to you: Attack the line of scrimmage to replace where the EMOLS left. Expect a kick-out block from a RB or pulling guard. Take it on with your inside arm, keeping the outside arm and leg free and the shoulders square to the line. Constrict the running lane inside and be ready to make the tackle of the Ball Carrier bounces outside.

EMOLS drive blocks the Defensive End, RB to you: Shuffle up and in, but do not close all the way to the line of scrimmage. Maintain outside leverage until the RB declares inside, then fold in to make the tackle. If he bounces outside, box the play.

EMOLS Reaches to you, RB fast flow outside to you: Attack to the line of scrimmage but keep your width. If you have a #2 receiver, decide whether you can beat him to the point of attack or need to defeat his block. If you have to defeat his block, go through him, driving him back and work to his outside to contain the play.

EMOLS Zone or Reach away from you, Backfield flow away: Keep your depth, fold inside to stack the Defensive End. Check for Counter, Reverse, Bootleg action and be ready to work back. Do not pass the Defensive End until the ball declares away from you.

The Play Action Pass can put a lot of stress on your backers. If the OLB reads run, he should attack because he is a run first player. But once he realizes pass, usually by the secondary key action, he should bust it to get back out to his pass coverage area. Never give up on a play!

Coaching the Outside Linebackers

The individual techniques needed for the OLBs are similar to any defensive player. They need to be able to read their key and react, defeat a block, make a tackle, pass drop and cause turnovers. All of these skills should be worked in a collection of 5 Every Day Drills, if time allows. Add in other drills to work your weaknesses.

Group work is crucial to the Outside Linebacker understanding his role. He will work with the Safeties, Corners, Defensive Ends and Inside Linebackers. Set up group drills each week that allow him to see his role in the defense with each of these groups. Make sure the group drills are relevant to the opponent you will face that week.

Understand that Offensive Coordinators will be picking on your Outside Linebacker. They are the player who is most easily put in conflict. Offensive schemes will try to frustrate him, and get him guessing.

Your Outside Linebackers will make mistakes! Train them to trust their keys, play physical, and run to the football at all times to have the best OLB play possible.

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Presidential Election Upset Occurs Exactly Fifty Years After Merger of Two Football Leagues

Presidential Election Upset Occurs Exactly Fifty Years After Merger of Two Football Leagues

Presidential Election Upset Occurs Exactly Fifty Years After Merger of Two Football Leagues

It seems somehow fitting that the stunning upset in the Presidential Election happened just one day before the fiftieth anniversary of the official merger of the nation’s two professional football leagues. That historic legislation, signed by President Lyndon Bains Johnson on November 7, 1966, helped pave the way for one of the greatest upsets in the history of sports.

Considered an inferior organization, the AFL began in the mid sixties to gain popularity with football fans. That fact was made clear when the NBC television network interrupted a November 1968 New York Jets and Oakland Raiders game to show the film Heidi, only to be hounded afterward by protests from fans around the country.

It was those very Jets who just two months later managed to pull off an upset similar to the one Donald Trump enjoyed in this recent Presidential Election. In the third Super Bowl New York had to face the Baltimore Colts who, like Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, were heavily favored to win.

In spite of the fact that the Jets were eighteen point underdogs, quarterback Joe Namath publicly declared that New York would win the game. Donald Trump would make a similar promise about the Presidential Election fifty years later, and history has recorded that both men succeeded.

Namath and the Jets beat the Colts 16-7 to win the Super Bowl, the first ever by an AFL team. The Green Bay Packers of the NFL had dominated the previous Super Bowls, out scoring their opponents in Kansas City and Oakland by a margin of 68-24.

In Joe Namath-like fashion last week, Donald Trump led the Republican Party to an upset victory over Clinton and the Democrats. Almost every election poll had predicted a big win for Clinton, as did every major newspaper and TV network. It promised to be so one-sided that some stations might have even interrupted the coverage to show a film not unlike the infamous decision to show Heidi over the Jets-Raiders matchup.

Fortunately, every station stuck with the election, which proved to be much closer than predicted. The surprise result will obviously have a much larger impact on America than did the Jets victory all those years ago, but that upset on the gridiron proved to be a great benefit to the NFL and the millions of football fans in the country.

A year after that Jets victory the leagues merged into one, which has since then been experiencing incredible financial and social growth for the last fifty years. Perhaps the recent Presidential upset can bring about a similar effect, maybe in the form of a peaceful merger between the two rival political parties to help bridge the antagonistic divisions among the American people.

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Manchecter United V Everton Preview (Monday Night)

Manchecter United V Everton Preview (Monday Night)

Manchecter United V Everton Preview (Monday Night)

United officially start their Premier league campaign on Monday night against Everton. After last season’s dramatic final day title loss to City, United must want to get a good start this time around.

United performed well in most of their pre-season games. Their only loss came against Barcelona in a curtailed penalty shootout. Most of the players looked in good touch. The defense looked weak however, and we leaked in a lot of silly goals throughout pre-season.

The good news is that most of the Squad is fit and available for the first match of the season. Darren Fletcher still remains absent with a stomach condition. He did play in the midweek testimonial but looked really thin. He will have to do a lot of fitness and strength training before he can step back up on the pitch.

With the signing of Robin Van Persie almost done, United arguably have one of the most potent strike forces in the premier league. What needs to be seen is how well he partners with Rooney up front.

Everton are always a tough opponent, especially at home. We need to be careful not to attack too much as we could get hit on the break. We need to keep a patient build up and try to break them down with our wing play. Steven Pienaar is big threat down the left wing and needs to be kept in check. They way he ran the show at Old Trafford last season really amazes me. Whoever of Rafael or Valencia starts at right back will have to do a good job.

Anderson looks set to start in midfield along with Cleverly or Carrick. Nani and Young should start on the wings with Welbeck and Rooney in attack. Kagawa looked really bright in the pre-season matches however I think he will start on the bench and come on later. United now have good strength and depth in their squad. Many fans are calling for a new signing in center midfield. I think Sir Alex is content with the midfield and might give a few chances to the youngsters throughout the course of the season

Really hoping to see a good game and a good result to start of the premier league season with.

Probable starting line up:

De Gea, Valencia, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Nani, Carrick, Anderson, Young, Welbeck, Rooney

My Prediction:

United to just nick this one with their superior attacking line up. Everton 1-2 Man Utd

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EPL 2011-12 Preview: Everton Vs Wolves

EPL 2011-12 Preview: Everton Vs Wolves

EPL 2011-12 Preview: Everton Vs Wolves

Premier League action returns to Goodison Park when Everton host Wolves, on Saturday, November 19, 2011, in match week 12.

Everton are coming off a hard-fought 2-1 loss away at Newcastle, in match week 11. An own goal by Heitinga gave the home side an early lead on 12 minutes and Taylor made it 2-0 on the half-hour. But the Toffees fought back to reduce the margin at the interval via a Rodwell strike. The visitors subjected the Toon Army to wave upon wave of attacks in the second half but without avail as a nervy Newcastle United held on to take away full points from the game.

Wolves are coming off a 3-1 win against relegation zoners Wigan, in match week 11. O’Hara gave the home side the lead on the half-hour, and Wigan fought back to get the score back on level terms, 11 minutes later, via Watson. Wolves outclassed the Latics, after the interval, and left the visitors ruing a couple of missed chances by Rodalegga in the first half. Ten minutes into the second, Edwards made it 2-1 to Wolves and 11 minutes later, Ward struck the last goal of the game.

Head to head, in last matches between the sides, Everton have won 2 games to and Wolves’ solitary victory, with the remaining 3 games drawn. The sides last met in April 2011, in a game hosted by Wolves, at Moilneux; Everton won that match 3-0.

Everton have won 3, lost 6, and drawn the remaining 1 of their last 10 league matches, while Wolves have won 3, drawn 2 and lost 6 of their last 11 league games.

Currently in 17th place on the league table, the Toffees have hosted 5 home games, this season, winning 1, drawing 1 and losing 3, while Wolves, who are in 13th place have had 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses in their 5 away games.

It was a nervy game between two sides who have struggled this season, and the win would have gone a long way towards easing Wolves’ relegation fears.

Wolves, however, will have their task cut out against the Toffees who will be itching to redeem themselves after their loss, in match week 11, at St James’ Park.

Everton’s starting eleven against Newcastle: Howard, Hibbert, Heitinga, Jagielka, Baines, Coleman, Neville, Rodwell, Drenthe, Osman, Saha.

Wolves’ starting eleven against Wigan: Hennessey, Stearman, Johnson, Berra, Ward, Edwards, Henry, Guudioura, Hunt, O’Hara, Doyle.

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What Makes the CCIB of Barcelona the Perfect Place to Hold All Your Professional Meetings and Events

What Makes the CCIB of Barcelona the Perfect Place to Hold All Your Professional Meetings and Events

What Makes the CCIB of Barcelona the Perfect Place to Hold All Your Professional Meetings and Events

Looking for some spacious place with technological facilities to hold your international salesforce meeting? You have to take care of the otorhinolaryngology world congress? Or you simply are in charge of holding a gala dinner for 4,000 people and you don’t have any clue about how and where to find such a huge, refined and professional venue? The CCIB of Barcelona is probably the good answer to this headache of yours.

With its 100 000m2, and it’s location in the modern district of Barcelona Forum, next to the sea, the CCIB (Barcelona’s International Convention Centre – Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona) is the perfect place to hold any event be it business related or not.

Barcelona’s International Convention Centre (CCIB) comprises the Convention Centre and the Forum Auditorium. On the one hand, the Convention Center provides a multifunctional space opened to the sea with no less than 38 spacious rooms which can be combined altogether. On the second hand, you will find the Forum Auditorium. This one was designed by the world-renowned Swiss architects Herzog and DeMeuron and thus, combining high-technology and a modern-stylish design, this place has already hosted plenty of meetings, conferences, shareholders meetings, and so on. Moreover, the new trend of the Forum these days is to host special shows and concerts of famous spanish and international people.

You are still hesitating? Well, after all it is just another European great space opened to hold big or small events… So you are now willing us to tell you what makes the CCIB different – apart from the fact it is located in beautiful and trendy Barcelona?

The answer lies in just one word: innovation.

Take my word on it: it is one of the world’s most technologically advanced centres. It’s modern design fits perfectly the image its promoters and designers wanted to project – a futuristic one – and at the same time one that can be both practical and cozy. Furthermore, the Centerboasts, and in my opinion it’s true, that it «offers its clients a wide range of high quality services that place it among Europe’s top centres».

What makes it so great?

Another advantage of the CCIB is its perfect location that I already mentioned. Not only is the Centre fantastically in one of the best and newest areas of Barcelona, but it is also surrounded by lots of high-class hotels, next to the big shopping center Diagonal Mar, and well communicated with Barcelona city Center (allow 20 min with bus nº7 to reach Passeig de Gràcia). A cosmopolitan city in the Mediterranean Europe. A perfect location in a stylish and modern area with tons of classy hotels for businessmen makes it attractive and convenient. That’s only part of the reasons explaining why CCIB has already hosted more than 600 events since it’s launching in November 2004.

In short:

Whether your purpose is to hold a small and private meeting with a few directors and CEOs, or to host an huge international event with thousands of people coming from all over the world… the CCIB is fully prepared and is ready to welcome you!