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FUTBOL DE ESTUFA. Cruz Azul y América preparan FICHAJES BOMBA para la Liga MX | SportsCenter

Cruz Azul y el América siguen en búsqueda de refuerzos para el Clausura 2022. La Máquina Celeste tendría cocinada la llegada de Erik Lira, mientras que también ya han llegado Cristian Tabó y Charly Rodríguez a reforzar el equipo. Un posible trueque de Pol Fernández por Cristián Pavón sigue en la mesa con Boca Juniors. El Club América por su parte está viendo la posibilidad de añadir a Brian Ocampo y Agustín Cannobbio como refuerzos. #SportsCenter | ESPN Deportes | Sportscenter

What Are the Qualities of a Football Team Defender?

Who is a defender in a football team? Are there various kinds of defenders? Are there certain qualities that a defender must possess? Read on and you will find out.

A defender is a player that helps to protect the goal area of a football team. He or she does most of the work that the goalkeeper would have done if he or she were not there. A defender takes care of the opponent ever before he or she gets to the goal area. A defender makes sure that the opponent does not find a chance to shoot the ball or attempt to score a goal.

There are various kinds of defenders. Some defenders are called left full backs because they take care of the left flank of the team’s area. Some of them are called right full backs because they are in charge of the right side of the team’s area. There are also some defenders that are called central defenders and sweepers.

Now, look at the qualities:

1. Stamina: A good defender should be very strong on the ball. He or she should not let go easily; he or she should have enough strength to mark the opponent especially when the opponent is heading towards the goal area. A good defender should be determined to resist the opponent at any time during a football match. A good defender should be resilient. This is why a defender should be 100% fit before a match.

2. Speed: He should be swift. This is one quality that makes a very good defender. He should not allow the opponent to outrun him or her. A good defender should be able to go front and come back with relative ease especially at this time of modern football when a team defends en masse and attacks same.

?PODRÍAN LLEGAR REFUERZOS A CHIVAS | Noticias Chivas 2022 | Rumores Chivas 2022

PODRÍAN LLEGAR REFUERZOS A CHIVAS Noticias Chivas 2022 Rumores Chivas 2022
Jesús Bernal nos tiene las últimas noticias de chivas, equipo que sigue buscando refuerzos para la siguiente temporada, aunque no depende directamente de ellos, pues requieren vender primero. Sin embargo, el reglamento le permite a chivas seguir buscando fichajes.
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Are Chelsea’s New Signings Just A Burden On Abromavich’s Pocket

William Gallas had a fallout with Mr .Mourinho and during the much publicized purchase of Ashley Cole, Gallas was offered in exchange as an icing on the cake.

Mourinho might have thought that Gallas did not do much but since he left, Cole has not yet quite filled his shoes. On the other hand Gallas is doing much more as a left back than Arsene Wenger might have ever dreamt of.

When rumors of Andriy Shevchenko’s move to Chelsea reached the press, everyone including Chelsea’s fans were thrilled at the thought of Andriy and Drogba teaming up. This dream just… well, just stayed a dream because we have seen nothing yet. Drogba and Shevchenko flow together the way water and fire would.

Even though this happened I myself thought the former European footballer of the year might just pull it off without Drogba but he has not adapted to the lightning quick pace of English football. We may just have to wait for a season or two before he finally clicks (I don’t think he is quite in a hurry to leave if you consider he is being paid 120,000 pounds per week).

Michael Ballack left his beloved homeland of Germany (also for the price of 120,000 pounds per week) for England to use his experience as a midfielder to help Frank Lampard in the Chelsea midfield. This seemed like another duo that would have greatly prospered together considering their talent and exposure but they just have not clicked yet. Just like Shevchenko, Ballack has also been slow to learn the English style of playing (is it something to do with their hefty wages?). For your information Ballack has already been sent off once.

The only people who seem to be consistent are the Africans who play for Chelsea. Didier Drogba has never fallen short of goals, Michael Essien is doing a good job filling in for John Terry, the young talents of Salomon Kalou and John Obi Mikel seem to be growing in stature day by day and not to forget the good job done by the Frenchman Claude Makelele.

PS: Have you noticed of late how Abromavich doesn’t seem as happy as he seemed before when Chelsea were winning every game? There have even been disturbing rumors that this is Mourinho’s last season at Stamford Bridge.


¿Que tal amigos de KSport MX? El mercado de transferencias en el fútbol mexicano va iniciado apenas con algunos rumores y noticias de fichajes de algunos equipos de la Liga MX para el próximo torneo CLAUSURA 2022.

Las directivas de todos los equipos ya empiezan a mover sus fichas (DRAFT).

Y damos inicio a este serie, donde haremos un seguimientos de las últimas noticias sobre el fútbol de estufa y/o todos los fichajes del Clausura 2022 de la liga mx que se vayan dando, ya sean altas o bajas. Inclusive hasta rumores

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What Are the Qualities of a Football Team Midfielder?

If you ask me I would say that the midfield is the most important part of any football team. It then follows that the midfielders are the engine room of any football team.

The best teams in the world are those teams that have the best midfielders. Take a look at the Spanish national team. Take a look at the German national team. Take a look at the Argentine, Italian, English and Brazilian national teams. All these teams have something in common – powerful midfield.

Now, what are the qualities of a good midfielder? A good midfielder should be able to hold the ball. It might interest you to know that winning a match most times depends on ball possession. That is, the ability of a team to hold on to the ball more than the opponent. It is a special characteristic of a good midfielder. He or she holds on to the ball in order to prevent the opponent from getting the ball and creating chances that may result in goals because a team can only score a goal if they possess the ball.

A good midfielder should be able to give accurate passes. Chances to score goals are created by giving sublime and accurate passes. There is no way a team can win a match if they pass the ball to the opponent. And it is the function of the midfielders to supply the accurate passes to his or her teammates.

A good midfielder should be able to see very well. This is an exceptional quality of the world’s best midfielders such as Frank Lampard of Chelsea Football Club of England. This kind of midfielders scores goals from unbelievable distance. They win matches for their team by turning things around in a split second.



Choose the Best Team in the Soccer League

The field of football, as one of England’s most popular sport, has gone under different changes since its beginning. From including an astounding number of teams and football clubs, the English Soccer League has transformed into the elite football organization that it is today. As of present time, it is one of England’s multi-million dollar industries, what with all the advertisements and investment deals that this sport has spurred.

As a matter of fact, its popularity is no longer confined to the territory of the country which it originated from. The English Soccer League has managed to attract the attention of soccer and football enthusiasts from all over the world. As a matter of fact, quite a big number of people are also making money out of it, without actually being involved in the game.

Sports better from all over the world have come to recognize English football as the fruitful betting platform that it is. For this reason, hundreds and hundreds of betting sites have been put up with the purpose of helping betters connect with each other during English soccer seasons. Millions of dollars trade hands as the games progress, while most betters place their money on the teams that have the biggest chances of winning.

Different betting techniques are used to calculate the winning-losing odds of the different teams involved in the English Soccer League. There are different factors that affect people’s betting choices, all of which are included in the calculations made. While it is simpler to place your bets on your favorite teams, this practice is very much discouraged. After all, there are different resources that you can use to compare a certain team’s statistics against that of the others. By taking all of these resources leads together, there should be no way for you to not be able to place your money on the best bet.

The teams’ past performances, along with the statistics of every single one of their players, are used to lend integrity to the comparison. Those that have good win-loss ratios and who have skilled players naturally ranks well in all forecasts resources. As a matter of fact, there are certain teams that have managed to consistently make it to the list of the best picks, for quite some time now.

One of these teams is Manchester United. MU has consistently managed to rank high in almost every soccer league in England, thanks to its wealth of home-grown and imported players. As a matter of fact, Manchester United is perhaps the most popular soccer team in England, as far as opinion polls are concerned.

The Liverpool Team is also a popular betting choice, because of its proven ability to win back to back games. Kay players score astounding records in almost all of their game, which makes placing your bets on this team a sound choice.

Another team that consistently manage to get into the betters’ picks is Manchester City. This team has a roster of good players, which makes almost every game an easy win.


✅Descubre todas las BAJAS y los REFUERZOS de CRUZ AZUL para el 2022. Entra ya.


Noticias de Cruz Azul Hoy: Cruz Azul se enfrenta a Tijuana en el partido del la Jornada 1 del Clausura 2022 y aquí te cuento Dónde verlo


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