Your First Affiliate Check

If you are new to affiliate marketing or you are not but aren’t receiving the type of commission checks you desire and are ready to make a change, this is for you so, read on very carefully. You must understand that as an affiliate, your success has a great deal to do with the product/services that you are out to market. Just as you don’t need to produce a product of your own to make money from affiliate marketing, it is important that you carefully select the affiliate program you join. The following tips can help you find and identify a high performance and high paying programs available online for your type of person.

* Sell ONLY products that are in your area of interest.

If you are a soccer freak, you have no business selling food supplement products neither do you have any business with Forex investment programs. What you need is an affiliate program with a company like Nike, Adidas…etc. You can set up a website or…a blog would do, you are expected to give very useful information about soccer, ranging from the latest news in the sport down to analysis of matches, clubs leagues or even results of major leagues in the world. You can even allow your visitors a chance to express their opinions too by allowing comments, setting up forums for inter-action, you can even setup a chat room on your site or blog posts. By providing such irresistible services to your visitors you get them call back over and over again and with time they become regular and invite their friends to your site online, thereby increasing your page view exponentially. Now this is where the money lies.

With constant visits, they tend to increase the time frame they spend on your site and if you are promoting your affiliate products, especially products that can make you recurring commissions like magazine or e-zine subscriptions on this site, there’s a good chance that you’ll sell big time. If it is a product or service that attract recurring commission then, you are not going to be making money on the first alone but for as long as the buyer continue to renew his/her subscription!For instance, if its a membership site that you are promoting on your site and someone comes along and subscribes through your affiliate link, if he continues to be a member for a year or two and you make say, $40 on each subscription you refer with a $25 recurring commission, it means that by the end of the year, you would have made $315 from just one person.