2 agosto, 2021

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Lionel Messi Best Ever Copa America 2021

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Lionel Messi DID it! Lionel Messi wins the Copa America 2021 against Brazil. He scored 4 goals and gave 5 assists in what should be his best tournament ever! Congratulations Leo!

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26 comentarios en «Lionel Messi Best Ever Copa America 2021»

  1. 34 and still able to perform like 24 with those dribbles and stamina. I think the real work hard is Messi. Can you find any 34 years old able to pull those dribbles? Ronaldo/Ibra late 20 already change to only poacher style. But Messi still doing so much dribbles and stamina in a match. And he do it in almost 90% of his matches. Insane

  2. I'm so happy for him, this is so so long overdue. Now, he has proved everything there is to prove, this is the perfect closure to his career. Now, he can finally enjoy himself.

  3. Top-10 Ballond'or Contenders 2021: 😉

    1. Leo Messi
    2. Antonella's husband.
    3. Thiago's father.
    4. Mateo's dad.
    5. Ciro's pappa.
    6. Suarez's best friend.
    7. Laporta's election symbol.
    8. Barca's number 10.
    9. Argentina's captain.
    10. George Messi's son.

  4. Copa America Centenario 2016 was also EXCEPTIONAL for world's No1, LIO MESSI, with 5 goals and 4 assists. The Americans did not award him the tournament's golden ball ONLY BECAUSE they surely knew that Messi would refuse to accept it, due to the final's defeat on penalties.. (just like he did in 2015 in Chile).

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