14 junio, 2021

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The Day Ronaldinho Made Barca Regret About His Transfer

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The day Ronaldinho scored his first goal for Milan in the game against Inter, and made Barca regret about selling him

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  1. Got me at almost every first touch, there are just a handfull that realy transcend and yes he was one of them. Even more important then his personal skills is the motivation he gave to bilions around the world and from those some did ascend ( messi, cr7 etc etc) . Feels good to see anyone at any job doing the thing they were born to do. Thats something you cant teach ever CARALHO cara. Best of the best in this sport, not even jkn are clearly pt and br. You can go back in history and ofc you got more latinos but ronaldinho and o menino Cristiano Ronaldo….you wont get that even in another 200 years since young ppl now prefer twitter over real life. Vamos embora caralho latino powa ma friend

  2. The thing this kid doesn't understand is that you can't be number 1 if Messi is there. Reason he left was because Messi was becoming a machine. His job there was done. I'm sure he'd stay if Messi didn't conquere Barcelona.

  3. Ronaldinho had 1-2 years in Barca that could rival the best from C.Ronaldo and Messi. Ronaldo and Messi could just keep that level for several years. I think with a more professionel attitude, he could have become as a big of an icon.

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