14 junio, 2021

Calendario LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

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Barcelona returned to action in style away at Mallorca on Saturday. With goals from Arturo Vidal, Martin Braithwaite, Jordi Alba and Lionel Messi securing all three points for Quique Setién’s side. With every win vitally important in the title race against Real Madrid in these final matches!

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50 comentarios en «RCD Mallorca vs Barcelona [0-4], La Liga 2020 – MATCH REVIEW»

  1. BARÇA RETURN IN THE PERFECT FASHION! An electric start to the game, some excellent goals and plenty of encouraging signs. What's your thoughts from our first performance guys?

  2. I didn‘t like the 10 or 15 minutes before the forst cooling brake it cant be that we slow down the game every time and give Ter Stegen the ball this often its just very boring the fact that Marc had about 96 Passes shows he gets the ball it situations we could go foward instead of slowing down

  3. Now that Jamie has covered the positives, let me add on the negatives.
    1. We lack the type of midfielders who can turn us from defensive into offensive like the likes of iniesta/xavi
    2. we still have the same defensive issues. against any opponents in the UCL, we will be punished way more than mallorca did.
    3. 120M Greaseman still looks poor compared to 18M Martin BW.
    4. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, WTF WAS BARCA BOARD DOING LETTING KUBO GO? his movements and effectiveness on the pitch was the next best thing after Messi. AND HE'S ONLY 19!.

  4. Griezman needs to figure his shit out . He slows down the play, he doesn't dribble or open space, he doesn't link up well with others and he misses when the opportunity arises. I expected alot more from him after the break. He looked like a zombie

  5. I feel as barca fans we are starting to appreciate things more. Demand less. We got in the habit of demanding 5 star performances with constant goals. We didn't even have that in our best years. But I eel our fans are becoming more appreciative of winning, more understanding that there will be bad spells and bad moments for the team and players. And less of an obsession with being like an older team. We have to have our own signature on the team but keep to a similar ethos. Things looking better !

  6. griezmann should actually strt to ask for the ball and have some confidence rather than just dummying it its so heartbreaking to hear so much bad things about one of the best players in the world someone please tell him that he has to take responsibilitiessssssssss😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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