A Tapas Trail of Barcelona

A Tapas Trail of Barcelona

A Tapas Trail of Barcelona

Wherever your Barcelona luxury hotels are located, there is sure to be a tapas bar nearby. The word Tapas is formed from the Spanish verb tapar (to cover) and this describes the original function of tapas, which was a slice of bread to cover a drink between sips. Over the years they have evolved into delicious morsels made from a huge variety of ingredients, designed to encourage conversation. Eating tapas is as much a social experience as an eating one, as they're designed to be eaten standing up allowing you to mingle and converse with friends easily. Joining the locals for a traditional evening hopping from one bar to another will ensure you experience an evening of variation in both the food and the avenues. Whichever district your hotel is in there will be some great establishments to visit.

Traditional Tapas

Tapas have been around for a long time and many restaurants hold on to the traditions fiercely. The popularity of these places is evident by the hordes of people who crowd into them, but do not be put off, the staff are used to serving at high speed with the utmost efficiency.

El Xampanyet is one of the most authentic; it is on Calle Montcada in El Born and it oozes character with its patterned tiles and antique bric a brac. It's been in the same family since the 1930s and is hugely popular; If you're lucky you may get a seat and table service but the authentic way to eat is on your feet. Bonita tuna, anchovies or spicy chorizo ​​sausages are served with ice cold glasses of cava or beer, and to complete your meal you can try a glass of Vino Santo with small almond biscuits to dip into it. You will not want to leave, but you should – because there's always more to experience just round the corner!

El Vaso de Ora is in Barceloneta and is a long narrow bar filled to the brim with wonderful flavors, including solomillo and foie gras. The owners take great pride in the way they store, handle and pour their beer. If your Barcelona luxury hotels are in L'Eixample area, a visit to the Maitea Taberna should be on your agenda. The bustling beamed interior specializes in Pintxos.

Modern Tapas

Many innovative chefs have now joined the tapas business and their take on this traditional dish should also be sampled. One of the nottable chefs to have opened a Tapas restaurant is Ferran Adria, who created his tapas restaurant, Tickets, with his brother Albert. If you missed out on the dining experience that was El Bulli, this will go some way to compensate. Situated on the Avinguda Paral-lel, the restaurant looks like a gastronomic take on a cinema and the food served is as innovative as you'd expect. Dishes like the 'air baguette', 'liquid ravioli' and the 'cotton candy tree' are all served in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere.

Another restaurant offering a new take on tapas is Tapas 24, in Dreta de l'Eixample. Chef Carles Abellon serves up wonderful oxtail stews, fried prawns and his signature McFoie Burger.

These are just a few suggestions, as it really is true to say you will be spoiled for choice when staying in any of the Barcelona luxury hotels. An evening spent on a tapas trail will ensure you come up with your own favorites.

How to Save Money With Low Cost Flights to Barcelona

How to Save Money With Low Cost Flights to Barcelona

How to Save Money With Low Cost Flights to Barcelona

In the days before the low cost airlines air travel was prohibitively expensive for many people. However, the advent of airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair – and the others that have followed in their wake – mean that today it is possible to travel to Barcelona for prices that previously would have appeared to be absurdly cheap. It is possible to find a budget flight if you know where to look. Part of Barcelona’s success as a tourist destination is the number of low-cost flights to the city.

One of the first routes that EasyJet flew was from Luton to Barcelona. The low cost of living in Barcelona was one huge attraction as it meant that people could live it up for a few days without breaking the bank and the city was undergoing a change for the better largely due investment in infrastructure and modernisation due to the 1992 Olympics.

Established in 1995, EasyJet has 166 airplanes that fly the friendly skies from 20 spots across Europe. The figures speak for themselves. In 2008 alone, Easy Jet transported 44.5 million people aboard their airlines.

Ryanair was founded in 1985 and when in 1991 the airline needed restructuring it was modelled after a Southwest Airlines, a US airline that offered a low cost, no-frills service, which was hugely successful. By scheduling flights into regional airports, the company was able to cut overheads to the bone and by 1995, on the 10th anniversary of Ryanair’s debut, the airline carried 2.25 million passengers. Today a huge part of th airlines cost advantages are due to the way in which they embraced the internet as a sales channel early on.

In order to get the best price possible you need to book online and as early as possible and neither airline pays commission to travel agents, thereby cutting out any other costs – you can only book direct with these airlines.

Generally you’ll find that travelling mid week gives the best deals, although flights very early or late can also prove to be cheaper than at peak hours. While Easyjet flights direct to Barcelona airport, you should be aware that Ryanair’s flights to Girona Airport – one hour and twenty minutes north of Barcelona – can save you money, but you need to budget the time and expense of travelling to and from Barcelona.

The budget airlines may not have all the frills – onboard movies, drinks, snacks or other luxuries – but they will allow you to enjoy your destination by allowing you to save on the flight and therefore splash out a little when you get there.

One of the ways in which Easyjet saves money is by not allocating seats, so there is a bit of a scrum on boarding. Ryanair does allocate seats, but on many flights they do not recline. Getting a good seat therefore is rather hit or miss, but get to the airport early to check in as Easyjet do give passengers who check in earlier priority boarding.

Barcelona Chair – A Design Icon

Barcelona Chair – A Design Icon

Barcelona Chair – A Design Icon

The Barcelona chair sometimes known as the Pavillion Chair was designed by Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion in 1929, it was to be the country’s entry for the International Exposition hosted by Barcelona, Spain. They were designed to compliment the pavilion during the fair. With their elegant form they were seen as more of a sculptural object. An icon of modernism and still to this day looks like a piece of modern furniture, the design was inspired by the campaign and folding chairs of ancient times.

The design was changed in 1950, originally it was bolted together but the new frame was built in stainless steel which enabled it to be one piece of metal, giving it a much smoother look. Leather was also introduced for replacing pigskin.

In 1953 van der Rohe gave up his rights and his name on the design to Florence Knoll, because he knew the design patents were expired. This collaboration renewed popularity in the design and has since become such an iconic and popular piece.

There are many reproductions of this classic. Designer Furniture stores all around the world offer this chair at a fraction of the original price which has made is much more affordable without compromising quality. It is also available in many wonderful colours and fabrics. From bright orange cashmere to red to purple to tan leather, there are enough colours to suit everyone’s taste. Usually the leather chairs are available immediately however with the many cashmere colours a wait of 8 weeks is not unusual as they are made to order.

Not only is there the Barcelona chair but also available are the Barcelona Sofas. They come as 2-Seaters or 3-Seaters so you could really have the full set!

If you are a fan of modern or retro furniture, the Barcelona Chair is a must to have and will become a talking point in any home for many years to come.

Finally, as I covered earlier, many reproductions are of a very high quality but there are the cheap, poor quality versions about just like anything so be careful when buying.


  • Frame of polished solid stainless steel.
  • Finished with either Italian Leather upholstery and strapping or fabric of your choice.
  • All Leather straps are the same colour as the leather chosen, on Fabric choices the straps will be black leather unless another leather colour is requested at the point of order.
Transfery, Ekstraklasa i La Liga w Lato z Piłką #7

Transfery, Ekstraklasa i La Liga w Lato z Piłką #7

O tym co w Ekstraklasie, najgłośniejszych transferach w Europie, a korzystając ze składu komentatorskiego, dużo o tym co słychać w hiszpańskiej La Liga. Krótko mówiąc, jak co tydzień startuje najlepszy, wakacyjny program piłkarski.

Daj suba i nie przegap:

How the 1992 Summer Olympics Benefitted Tourism in Barcelona

How the 1992 Summer Olympics Benefitted Tourism in Barcelona

How the 1992 Summer Olympics Benefitted Tourism in Barcelona

Not only did the 1992 Summer Olympics bring Barcelona to the centre of the world stage, but they also gave this historical city a new lease of life. As with many cities that have been given such a prestigious and monumental event, cash was injected to give visitors a good impression, and the numbers of these visitors increased dramatically. Tourism soared, and has continued to do so ever since.

However, the benefits to Barcelona went further than this. Barcelona is the capital city of Cataluna, one of the seventeen autonomous regions of Spain, and the Games brought the Catalan culture into the eyes of the rest of the world.

A survey carried out by the Games organizers had demonstrated that Spain was largely associated with sun, siestas and sangria, and also bullfighting, castañets and flamenco. The Catalan culture was virtually unheard of outside of Western Europe, and in keeping with the objectives of most other modern Olympic Games, the challenge was how to fairly and accurately project the culture and people of Spain while maintaining the essence of this part of the country.

Barcelona had applied for these Games three times previously without success, and it was particularly appropriate that the city should be awarded the 1992 Olympic Games because it was exactly 500 years after Christopher Columbus discovered America for Spain.

The city was transformed in preparation for the event, not only in terms of the new sporting complexes constructed but also with the refurbishment and renovation of the El Prat Airport and the Olympic Port in Poble Nou. Better known as Port Olimpic, this area is close to the Villa Olimpica, and famous for its fabulous restaurants and its unique clubs and bars.

However, the most important consequence of the Barcelona Olympic Games of 1992, other than the sporting spectacle itself and what it did for tourism in Spain and Barcelona in particular, was in the promotion of the Catalan culture. In 1992 Catalonia, as Cataluña is generally know outside Spain, was not generally recognized abroad as a distinctly separate area of Spain, and its culture was likewise unknown to all but those with an interest in the country.

These Olympics changed all that, and Barcelona and its Catalan culture hit the map and has been prominent in the geography, culture and cuisine of Spain ever since. Many tourists visit Barcelona only because of that. However, that was not the only aspect of Spain and Barcelona that was brought into the public eye. The architecture of Gaudi and the art of masters such as Goya became known to ordinary visitors, not just to those educated in these facets of Spanish culture. The great Pablo Picasso has a museum in Barcelona.

In terms of advertising Barcelona as a cultural centre and a ‘must’ on many people’s lists of places to visit, the Olympic Games of 1992 achieved in a few short weeks what it would otherwise have taken decades to achieve. It was not just the construction of Port Olímpic and Villa Olímpica, but also the sports facilities in Montjuic, Vall d’Hebron and Diagonal that are lasting reminders of the benefits that Barcelona won when they also won the Olympics.

Unlike most games sites, those in Barcelona have been put to use after the games, and many are still well-used sports facilities while others offer high-class luxury apartments for business and tourism. The Olympic Village (aforementioned Villa Olímpica) is one such area that now offers luxury apartments, many for short-term let.

The Olympic pool in Montjuic is still in use by the public, and not only facilities such as these, but also the significant increase in tourism since 1992, has rendered Barcelona a very popular destination for vacations and business shows and conferences. Over the 10 years from 1990 to 2000, the city experienced a 110% increase in tourism, and between 1992 and 2002, 105 more hotels have been opened.

Barcelona is now amongst the top 4 most visited cities in Europe, the others being London, Rome and Paris. The people of Barcelona are rightly proud of what have been described as the ‘model Olympics’ because of the sustained benefits to the city that that they brought. It is that word ‘sustained’ that is so important, because the ephemeral results of most other cities that hosted the Summer Olympic Games soon disappeared – but not so with Barcelona.

It is a source of pride, not only to the organizing committee, but also the people of Barcelona, that they can look at the benefits that this great city is still enjoying. In the words of the New York Times of August 1992, the athletes «could never dominate these Summer Games. The city won the Games. The people of Catalonia won the Games.»

Never were truer words written or spoken.

James Rodríguez: Golazos con el Real Madrid en LaLiga Santander

James Rodríguez: Golazos con el Real Madrid en LaLiga Santander

Disfruta de los mejores goles del jugador colombiano con el Real Madrid en LaLiga! LaLiga Santander 2019/2020 Suscríbete al canal oficial de LaLiga …

LaLiga Memory: Nikola Zigic

LaLiga Memory: Nikola Zigic

¡Disfruta de los mejores goles de Nikola Zigic con el Real Racing y el Valencia CF en LaLiga! LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

Suscríbete al canal oficial de LaLiga Santander en HD | 2018-11-02 00.00h |
LaLiga Santander on YouTube:
LaCopa on YouTube:
LaLiga 1|2|3 on YouTube:

10 Things to Do in Barcelona

10 Things to Do in Barcelona

10 Things to Do in Barcelona

10) Tour around on a Harley Davidson

Fancy experiencing Barcelona on the back of the king of all motorbikes? You don’t even need a license to enjoy this unique experience because a private Chauffeur will take you wherever you want to go. Tours are available at CoolTra.com.

9) Canyoning

Do you think you could you abseil down a powerful waterfall? Or jump from a 20-foot cliff into a rock pool? This is what Canyoning in Catalonia is all about. Many packages will take you to the neighbouring Pyrenees and are very popular with holidaymakers looking for something a little more adventurous.

8)  Get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo

 Feel the power of a Lamborghini on a Spanish Formula 1 racetrack under the guidance of a Lamborghini driving instructor. This has to be the ultimate in self-indulgence.

7)  Chill out with a Chocolate Massage

No need for a sweet tooth to enjoy this experience. Here, you’ll be plastered from head to toe in chocolate and almond oil. Apparently, chocolate is great for the skin as well as for the taste buds! For more details see LifestyleBarcelona.com

6) The Nou Camp

Take in a football match at one of the world’s largest stadiums. If you’re not fortunate enough to experience the feverish atmosphere at a game then go for a Barcelona F.C. stadium tour instead.

5) Spice things up with Flamenco dancing

A good place to check out this passionate dance is Tabloa Flamenco Cordobes situated at Las Ramblas, 35. You can enjoy dinner followed by an incredible display of rhythm, dance and music.

4) Barcelona from above

Imagine seeing the mesmerizing beauty of Barcelona than from 500 metres high? Well, imagine no more as you climb in a helicopter to take in stunning views of Tibidabo, Agbar Tower and Montserrat Mountain. This is an absolute must for both romantics and thrill seekers.

3) Perfect your Paella

Prepare Spain’s most iconic dish at LifestyleBarcelona.com. Your three-hour gastronomic extravaganza includes a trip to the Boqueria Market before learning how to paella the authentic way. Complimentary wine is included!

2) Travel around the city scooter-style

How about exploring the city in style with a specialized scooter tour? If you’re looking for something unique, then this is a cool and adventurous way to get to look at all of Barcelona’s most famous sights.

1) Hot air balloon over Catalonia

In a hot air balloon you’ll soar high above the peaceful Mediterranean Sea as well as the spectacular Pyrenees Mountains. Flights are widely available in and around Barcelona. This could be a once in a lifetime experience!

Champions League Final Preview – Manchester United Vs Barcelona

Champions League Final Preview – Manchester United Vs Barcelona

Champions League Final Preview – Manchester United Vs Barcelona

On the 27 May, Manchester United will battle with Barcelona in the final of this season UEFA Champions League at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico. Both teams have the credential and fire power to become this season European Champion. Manchester United can become the first team in 19 years to retain the trophy they won last year. Ac Milan was the last team to win back-to-back European Champion Club’s Cup (the name for the previous version of UEFA Champions League) in 1989 and 1990.

Both teams will be missing key players in the final through suspension and injury. Barcelona will be without Eric Abidal and Daniel Alves. Abidal was red carded in the second-leg semifinal against Chelsea, while Alves received his third yellow cards of the tournament in London. Darren Fletcher of Manchester United will miss the final after collecting a red card for a foul on Cesc Fabregas in the second-leg semifinal against Arsenal. Barcelona Rafael Marques is definitely rule out of the final due to injury on his left knee. However, Andreas Iniesta and Theiry Henry look set to miss out as well. Iniesta picked up a thigh injury in his side’s 3-3 draw at home to Villarreal. Henry is fighting to be fit after picking up a ligament injury in the game against Real Madrid.

Pep Guardiola, Barcelona’s manager, faces some difficult selection choice in defence due to injury and suspension. Alex Ferguson has fewer headaches among the two managers as he has almost a full squad at his disposal. Daren Fletcher being the only set back but he has enough quality in his squad to replace Fletcher.

This game will also feature a battle between two of the best footballer in the world at the moment, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Messi has been the key factor for the rise of Barcelona this season. Ronaldo maintained his momentum from last season to help Manchester United in winning several trophies this season. But for this season, the ultimate prize which both really wants is the UEFA Champions League.